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Thread: Gorgeous Teacup Stingray for Sale

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    Default Gorgeous Teacup Stingray for Sale

    A good friend of mine, and an SD forum member, has a gorgeous Teacup Ray that she would like to sell due to space requirements. She wasn't able to get the pics posted, so that's why I'm posting this thread.

    As you can see, Stevie is a peaceful Discus tankmate and she has never bothered any fish in the tank, even the little loaches that are in there. A 125, minimum, would would be great and she is full grown. I've seen Stevie in person - she is AWESOME!

    Here's the info on "Stevie" - FOR SALE: $225 (Negotiable), LOCATED IN NORTHERN NEW JERSEY

    I have a 12 - 14" Female Freshwater Teacup Sting Ray for sale. She is getting too large for her current tank, which is a 90 gallon. I can not at this time get a larger tank to house her.

    Serious inquiries only, Please note I will "NOT" be selling her to just anyone, interested parties must have EITHER Stingray knowledge & experience OR must be well experienced with keeping Discus. Her new home must be a large enough tank. Please be prepared to be screened and be able to prove you can supply proper tank size along with current tank pictures of her new home and or a personal visit from me to see her tank conditions and size. I want to make sure she is going to a qualified good home. I have had her since she was a baby 2-3 inches in size and I absolutely love this fish. She loves to eat "live" black worms more than anything. It breaks my heart to even be considering this, but she needs more space and she should have it. Selected buyer must have proper transport for her when arrangements have been made.

    If you are interested and can give Stevie a good and proper home, please PM tpastrana or me. Thanks!
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