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Thread: Best filter type for planted discus tank?

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    Default Best filter type for planted discus tank?

    Hello everyone. I am planning my 55g discus tank. It will have a small gravel or florabase substrate, moderately planted with swords and bunch plants. My question is what type of filter do you guys reccomend for this kind of setup? I run a Fluval in my community tank and a hang on back powerfilter on my angel tank. These work fine for what I'm using them for, but which will keep the water clean enough for the discus? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Best filter type for planted discus tank?

    It really depends.... Will you be running co2? Do you have a budget?
    IMO I would go with either another fluval or an ehiem to aviod water agitation and to keep from slamming your plants around. I have an aqua clear on one of my tanks(55gal) heavily planted and my plants tend to get pushed around with the current. If I could start again I would go with the ehiem. Not saying it cant be done with a hang on back filter because my tank has tremendous growth and is doing just fine. I just have to watch what I plant where the current is heavy. Ehiems do a pretty good job on keeping my water clean. I really dont like to see a bunch of equipment in my tank so on my ehiems I run an external heater and co2 reactor, all under the tank. On my 55gal I have my ebo and diffusor with I find ways to hide them. HTH

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